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I know someone has already posted a post like this, and as much as I hate to be redundant, I am afraid if I put it in the comments of the other post, it might get missed.

I really wanted to say a great big Thank You to the plays here at S_U . I started reading pretty close to the beginning, late 2003. I liked so many of the characters, they had such great personalities. I have never really gotten involved in HP fandom, S_U is the first RPG I ever followed. I liked the style of the game, that there are journals and logs. The characters had such great personalities, (and Harry's old Tom Welling icons were so pretty to look at). There was a good balance of humor and drama, of 'shiping and actual plot. I had Ron's f-list on my "links" toolbar so I could easily click it each day when I got home from work. I moved it off of there today, and it was a little sad.

I wish I could come up with the right way to express how much I enjoyed following the game w/o sounding like a complete dork. I loved Pansy for speaking her mind. I loved Ron and Hermione for being so sweet together. And the way all of the Weasleys interacted. I loved Draco, even whiny potion taking Draco (and I think I was the only one ;o)) I loved Zach and Justin's friendship, so well played out. I loved the way Tony said "fuck" every other word. I loved Blaise for hating pink. I loved Terry Boot charging people for using his phrase. I loved Snape for being so v. Snape like but also being able to care for someone. I loved Dorian and Nat and Ellie and Seamus and Remus and Bill and Sirius and Harry and AU James and AU Ginny and AU Draco all of the other characters I didn't mention. I could go on, but I'd be here all night.

And as corny as this sounds, there will be a lasting impact on me from this game. I'm not very involved in HP fandom. Or, you know, involved at all, but though this game, I've added a number of people to my f-list. I enjoy reading their posts and hope they enjoy reading mine.

So again, thank you to all of the people involved in this game. Y'all are fantastic. :D
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