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The SU Daily Prophet

All the news that isn't fit to print

Seen Unforeseen - Daily Record of Events
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This is the Daily Prophet journal for the seen_unforeseen RP.

Our news reporters will update regularly on what's going on, and feel free to interact and report 'news' to them if you like.

This is also a place to give us your feedback!

In order to keep a happy relationship between fans and players, however, we're putting up some guidelines :

1. Character Bashing/Death Threats are never allowed. We realize that characters do things that you may not like, but it's entirely uncomfortable for the players to read a thread with DIE! DIE! DIE! written all over it. Please, use common sense and maturity in this regard.

2. Characters will never be allowed to interact with fans IN CHARACTER. If need be, su_player will step in and interact with the fans. This may be any one of the 60+ players in the game - we're just not saying who ;)

3. Respect your fellow fans. Flaming, harassment, etc may result in your removal from the community.

4. Players sometimes make mistakes. Deleted threads/posts, once deleted, are not part of the "SU Canon".

5. We ask that you wait 5 minutes from the time a post is made public to allow time for the player to edit if he or she needs to do so before alerting your fellow SUDPers to said post. Thanks!

Be sure to check out su_logs!
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