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nostalgia extravaganza

So this is it. I'm feeling all angsty and nostalgic now.

While I was sort of waiting for a more dramatic finale, my greatest weakness is a penchant for nostalgia, so I certainly won't complain (although there were a number of other characters I'd have liked to see final posts for). Pansy's private post was just wonderful--I loved her requirements for her new place to live, how it starts out simply, and develops into a place where she can store her experiences at hogwarts, keep and contain memories of the people who have changed, influenced, meant something to her. I love all the small details that take us back to some of the great exchanges we've seen(read) between characters: the "crocuses," Zustin and Jach, Blaise's raspberry robes. It's really a place where no one has to grow up, a self-contained memory of childhood. I love it. I must stop with my continuing melodrama--go read it, anyone who hasn't.

I want to thank all the SU players--you are wonderful writers, plot drivers, character developers, world creators--I've spent much needed study/work time reading SU, but it was the most engaging and fulfilling procrastination tool ever! I don't know how anything else could possibly fill the void.
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