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poor Uncle Severus!

As soon as I read Remus post that "It's a lovely day out", I just knew something big was about to happen. Add to it the "becoming parents" chat with Bill, and I feared for both Remus's and Bill's lives at that point :(

I didn't really think about Severus's sister being the victim -- I thought she would be away from home at her in-laws' if Severus was keeping his niece...unless they both foresaw danger and felt she'd be best protected at Hogwarts. I had so wanted to see Severus around his sister, even if only by Owl correspondence. Now he will most likely become probable legal guardian (is there a British term for this?) of Ophidia. Will the earth tilt off of its axis? ;D

I can't remember Severus blowing his cover...would someone please point me in the right direction if it's from a past post?
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